Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Portable WI-FI Radio

Ever since, before I was born radio is the main entertainment of my parent and grand parents . Until now, they still using radio as an alternative source of news, music, and etc. And as years go by and modern generation we have right now, many technology gadgets released to the market and so many features like wireless, digital transmission and many more.

But this Portable Wi-Fi radio can accessed all the radio stations around 9000 to 10000 radio stations available via broadband Internet connection wirelessly.

And this is the first portable WiFi Radio. The Revo Pico radio runs nearly 8 hours on just 2 hours of charging. Take it with you from room to room, and enjoy the pleasures of WiFi Radio no matter where you're working or relaxing (within range of your wireless broadband network). The splash-resistant Revo Pico Portable WiFi radio has surprising audio for its size, and also features a built-in FM radio, stereo headphone jack and an audio-in/HP jack. Choose between several equalizer settings to adjust the audio tone to your preference. Includes user manual, remote control, and power/charging cord. Weight: 2.1 lbs Size: 4.2" W x 6.6" H x 4.2" D.


LUTCHI said...

this is what I need...What's up?

csseyah said...

lutchi :) its out on the market now :) you can grab one :P

Anonymous said...

using other's bandwidth for your blog = bad news.