Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Want an upgrade? Mac OS x or Windows 7?

For those who didn't yet know, Mac OS X can be used to all generic computer like windows OS do. And in fact this Apple introduces Mac OS X snow leopard at the WWDC or Worldwide developer conference attendees.

Both this two software companies focusing on performance enhancement to the operating system that's why Windows 7 release for Vista upgrade. But many companies or account thinking for what is the best upgrade they gonna make.

Both this two companies have something to tell to all user that they seem to bear out improvements in the operating system. Apple and Microsoft are fighting for the mind share of consumers as both companies prepare for an upgrades to their operating systems later this year.

It seem that we need to think twice which this this operating systems that fit our need. By the way, Apple said Snow Leopard is expected to ship in September. Microsoft will release Windows 7 in October.
so better to wait and see which these two operating got success when it comes to upgrade.