Monday, August 4, 2008 - a Google Killer ???

Well, If you try to search the in the site, you will find the title page say that,
Cuil - The World's Biggest Search Engine. And with the description of, Rather than rely on superficial popularity metrics, Cuil searches for and rank pages based on their content and relevance.

Yet, as we all know, is the leading search engine all over the world with so many services. But maybe company someday achieve their goal to be the World biggest Search engine.. someday.. maybe...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Amazing Linux Can.....

While I'm browsing to my other blogger site, I saw this video uploaded in You will see the great performance of Linux and to see more info on how you can get that kind of desktop.

Amazing Linux can do to your system.

Electric Jeepney

Nowadays,Philippine economic system is one of the fastest-growing economies in southeast asia.
Producing newly industrialized emerging market economies of the world. Actually in 2007, Philippine was ranked as the 37th largest economy by the international monetary fund according to purchasing power parity.

In the Transportation sector of the Philippines. Mostly Philippine land transportation vehicles are imported, except for the JEEPNEY and tricycle which are locally made. Jeepney is the main
transportation vehicles in the country and because of the continues increased of price main source of vehicle oil. The Greenpeace group introduced the "Electric Jeepneys".

As you can see from my figure above, the looks of the electric jeepney is derive from the local
jeepney in the Philippine but not exactly the same. And the good news is, the electric jeepney passed the Land Transportation Office examination and will now go through the road with the orange color of car plate so that it will noticed that this vehicle is consuming electric energy.