Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Samsung E590

Hey guys Im so excited to announce to all of you my new mobile phone, its so nice and cute and the features, wow! amazingly great for me. The design wise, the Samsung E590 is stunningly different from pretty much everything you would expect in a modern mobile phone. Yet, its armory includes a high-quality TFT display and a decent 3 megapixel camera. Plus, it's delightfully minimalist and comes at a relatively low price. All in all, though not a seducer, the Samsung E590 is a downright square deal. You are more than welcome to take review of my the Samsung E590.

Like what my old mobile phone "nokia 3110", its only 1.3 megapixel likewise to my new Samsung E590. But although I have my new mobile phone, I considered nokia 3110c is also good and actually I give that to my older brother as I promise to him.

Back to samsung E590, This mobile phone is recommended to all specially to those who have a minimal budget for mobile phone. I bought this for only Php4,990 or let say $105 only.

Key features:

* 3 megapixel autofocus camera with a half-shutter key
* Tri-band GSM/GRPS/EDGE support
* Square 1.8" 262K color TFT display with 220x220 pixels resolution
* Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
* FM radio
* MS Office documents viewer
* microSD memory card slot
* microSD card in the retail package (512MB or 1GB varying by market)
* Really compact body and ascetic design
* Intriguing bean bag in the retail package

The design of E590 was entrusted to the Jasper Morrison studio, renowned for the clean shapes and simplicity of their designs. You can see the portfolio of the JM Office for Design at their web site.

Main disadvantages:

* Slow memory-card reading
* No TV out functionality
* Slow document viewer
* Java applications can be installed only through WAP
* Only preset message ringtones

The Samsung E590 is not a high-end, nor a fashion phone. Fair enough, many people will consider it when looking for a budget cameraphone. And you have our word, it is worthy of being called a cameraphone. But more on that is to come later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Robot Heart surgery

All of us want to have a perfect body without any illness or disease because its too expensive to have a medical examination and aside to that many of us are afraid to go under surgery.

And speaking of surgery, "heart surgery" is one of the most sensitive surgery that everybody don't want to experience. But because of the modern technology today, the robot da vinci surgical system is here.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to generate adsense code?

First and foremost I post this tutorial video for my friend because he is newbie from blogging and he wants also to earn while doing his blog, so I search in the and I found this simple and easy to follow instruction on how to generate adsense code.

So guys follow the instruction over the video so you can start your online income from your blog. Chow men....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to install a Blogger HTML template?

The following instruction will teach you on how to install your custom blogger template easily. is more likely with wordpress but different in the implementing of template itselft.

First thing you do is make sure you have backup template of your previous theme before installing a new one. Installing XML File template and Copy paste xml code is almost the same ok.

1. Login to your blogger account and click the Layout tab.

2. Now in the layout tab you will see this tab button eg: Page Elements, Fonts and Colors,
Edit HTML and Pick New Template. Select the "Edit HTML" button.

3. Now, you see the Options for Backup / Restore Template and Edit Template. Of course I'm
going to teach here now on how to install a new template theme for

4. Always be prepared in installing new theme template! you must have your template
replacement right now so you can copy all ( Ctrl + A ) the content of the XML File and paste
( Ctrl + V ) it now to the "Edit Template" options of the

5. It so easy to do that my friend, don't afraid to overwrite the existing xml code because you
already backup it. So if ever the installation failed you can upload your backup XML File
template immediately or Click the "Revert widget templates to default".

6. And finally if you see the Installed Successfully at the top, you made it accurate and do
start your blogging.

That's all folks I hope you understand what my instructions done here. Happy blogging dude...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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