Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who is Daniel Dingel ????

According to my searched information, Daniel Dingel is an engineer who worked from NASA and he developed a car, not just an ordinary car but also a water-powered car that uses plain tap water or seawater for energy fuel. And this technology of Daniel Dingel contributes the Filipino Inventions to be known all over the world, even some saying that they are invented that too.

Other than that, if our government supports this kind of technology, I can proudly say that we will never have an oil price hike and our environment would be stop from being polluted because of bad smoke came from vehicles. But in truth, maybe! They would not support that kind of technology because many investors and company here would be affected their business.

Sad to say that dude, but I’m still proud that there’s a Daniel Dingel proud being Filipino and I think He will continue what he started and he will fights for his right to be known an Filipino inventor and to support Filipino people.

And I’m making an appeal to whoever read this, Please if you have a power to suggest this kind of technology to our government. Pleased is not too late.


Berryblitz said...

Wow! He had "actually worked" with NASA???

I am proud of the Filipino inventors. Well, I guess I should say proud to be Pinoy. But I hate the Philippine government.

csseyah said...

berryblitz i agree with you! i'm proud too... likewise what you hate :p hehehe

eric said...

he worked in NASA as what? where is he now? by the way bro, can you please feature Diosdado "Dado" Banatao? i really admire this filipino computer genius!

csseyah said...

actually he work at NASA as engineer of another department and i dunno what department is that hehe! and about Dado, ok wait for that post :p

Anonymous said...

this invention has only one chance under General Public Licence. Any other way will end proprietaty. Big intenational companys will make business, selling marked water as fuel, under goverments law and support Webmaster said...


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