Tuesday, March 11, 2008

now!!! is time to WORDPRESS

Yeah dude!! I'm making more time just to learned how to used it, because wordpress said that this is a powerful personal publishing platform and with a great set of features designed to published on the web essay or blogging dude.

Like blogger.com, wordpress.org have also a easy to used already setup system and all you need is to make your own account and start blogging right away.

But the more exciting to wordpress is you can personalize it and you can move it to other hosting provider and do your own domain name to be more attractive to be like your own website.

Many blogger today using it, especially to those well-known blogger out there, and some they used to hired someone just to setup their wordpress platform to other hosting and that's it...

Try it dude, nothing will changes but your knowledges would upgraded.


kang yong said...

Ya, I am learning to use wordpress as well. =P

csseyah said...

that's good kang :) thanks for the comment :)