Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Nowadays, high-tech world of the future, maybe our shoes will be used as musical instruments, self defense or as a CD-player or will be able to send emails, according to researchers at an Intel conference in SAN FRANCISCO .http://www.news.com/2100-1040-238042.html)

Some other say it’s a joke but for me this is not impossible because I believe there’s so many intelligent scientist in this world that can be contribute their knowledge to our Hi-Tech world and many Filipino scientist are open minded to this kind of inventions.

To our digital world today, many of us will affect their lives in a way of fascinating to take some time to think back of what people would become if the technology of the past not evolved to generation of today and to the future.

Hi-Tech shoe will be on the market soon.


eric said...

i wish i have this shoe in my birthday! hehehehe. can you feature also a shoe with mobile capabilities like messaging, bluetooth, etc? ;-)

csseyah said...

yes i will feature also about the hi-tech surveillance pen camera..
i will order you one of this shoe when it is in the market already.

mike said...

nice post!
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csseyah said...

thanks mike :) it's amazing to have that kind of pen :)

ruther said...

wow..nice shoes! pero parang weird lang ng konti for girls.. LOL

csseyah said...

yeah! di nga bagay for gils :p for all hip hop out there lang :p