Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Playstation 3 SLIM

Well, everybody wanted to have Sony Play Station 3 and of course I'm one of those who dreaming to have that playing gadgets.

According to a particularly well-informed insider, it seems that the Big S is prepping an all new PlayStation 3. The new incarnation is supposedly slimmer, lighter weight, and sexy as hell.

It's not as if Sony haven't got a history of making things slimmer and, er, lighter: The PSP shed a lot of its weight last summer, the original PlayStation ended up as the minuscule PSOne, and the PlayStation 2 re-incarnated as the PSTwo,

Specs-wise, we're probably looking at the same machine with stacks of space and the trusty Blu-Ray player on board. The new PS3 is a proper looker: if it's anything like the illustration our team of designers have come up with, then we're looking at one hell of a sexy piece of kit.

Like what picture display above, you'll see the slim type of PS3 with a lot better in full, glorious, glossy high-definition display on a pesky screen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wire Framing a Website

Usually this kind of technique or method is used in a visual presentation of an electronic representation of a three dimensional or physical object used in 3D computer graphics. But you didn't know that this method is can be used also in web developing structure.

Using wire framing method allows you to visualize of the underlying design structure of your on going project in web designing. Like what you see in my figure above. You can see where your link to be linked so that you can avoid the error in your backlinks.

Since wire frame renderings are relatively simple and fast to calculate, they are often used in cases where a high screen frame rate is needed. And the wire frame format is also well suited and widely used in programming tool paths for DNC (Direct Numerical Control) machine tools.

So if you practice this wire framing a website, it could extremely helpful for you in keeping you focus on the content first and foremost.And Once you worked that out, you can then begin to add to the wire frame the skin (i.e. the graphic designed) that supports your content. By doing your site map first, you can sketch out a quick signal flow diagramm of the pages contained in the site. You can hand-drawn your site map or you could use a program like Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand.