Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to pimp twitter profile?

A minute ago I decided to make my twitter profile look different and great. So what I did is to contact my friend "google" to teach me how to make it great in my own sight.

I search and I found this article of sitemasher titled "Pimping Out Your Twitter Profile Background ". I really appreciate what she said on her article like this one, "pimping out your Twitter profile background can help your personal branding and marketing efforts", I'm agree with her promise.

So before you decide to close this tutorial, I'll better start this tutorial so you can achieve your desire design layout for your twitter profile.

First you need to open your Adobe Photoshop or any graphic software you have so we can begin. Of course the design is up to you and I'm only gonna give some tip of what you must put in your design.

You must not forget to put the link word of your blogs, website or any link you want to share to your followers in your design. And don't forget to place it to left part or right part of the designed.

Then make it sure that your design template sized in 1280 x 1024. why? because I like it but always remember to make your design background color the same to the background color setting in your twitter account so that if the resolution gets wider, the designed of your twitter will not look short or not fit.

If you already done with your designed. Just log in to your twitter account and go to the setting menu. Then find the Design Navigation menu there. If you found it just click it and look the " Change background image » " so you can browse your own designed from your computer then if your done just click the "Save Changes" Button. After that you can it clearly you designed upload and already set in you twitter background.

Like what I did to my twitter profile All you need to do is to follow me. Thanks for your time reading this obvious tutorial about pimping your twitter profile.