Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yousendit dude!!!

Before, Ftp is the popular way of uploading big files to the net even now, but not to the newbie user.
FTP or File Transfer Protocol works the same way to HTTP or through webpage
uploading for file transferring.The advantages of using FTP is you can upload many files and no matter how big of size the file is it, you can still upload it in just one click but not in the HTTP way before and expect a size limit for that.

FTP and HTTP are the two among many way of transferring file from one computer to the server and this is frequently used by the web developer around the globe. But my topic here is what the way.

Yousendit is one of the simplest—yet one of the most useful—file-sharing services online.
It's basicaly like a web storage that can save big size of files to thier server and later
on you can download it if you needed it now. As your e-mail do, you can attach file to your email and send it back if you want a backup of that particular file but the disadvantages of that, you can only attach file in a small capacity size only dude, how sad it is...

But not in, you can do upload up to 100mb size of file for free of charges.
and not to mentioned other services for that cause yousendit is very popular now and they
not need to be more popular, hahahah!!!

Try and see the differences.

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