Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Google Languages Tool

World Wide Web industry is booming all over the world and blogging smashing the net.
And as usual, in order to have big traffic in your blogs you must cater the other country languages. And what you suppose to do if you want the chinese community or either the Indonesian fellow blogger you want to understand your post?

Don't worry my fellow blogger, here's the google languages tool to the rescue. Actually this tool is old enough for those web nerd here but of course for those newbie in blogging and other purpose, Google Languages Tools is unique and very helpful.

As of now, Google Languages tool have no widget yet in order to put it easy to your site or blogs. But their are available code that you can easily copy paste to your blogs and it will appear automatically to you blogs and for just one click, all your post will translated to what languages you want for.


Shailendra said...

Its an important tool for an blogger as well as a blog reader. Making your blog available in all languages increases your readers worldwide.

You haven't included the link for Google Translation Tool. It will help users to go to the tool directly instead of searching for it ( some users don't know that much about this tool).

csseyah said...

ohh yeah! i forgot the link :) by the way thanks shailendra :)