Monday, March 17, 2008

Philippines air force ones

Nice designed and new look for a Pilipino shoes.
Actually this shoes was made by NIKE as a tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal our national hero.

This is now out in the market and you can purchase it now but limited stock only.

This Philippines air force ones have only 500 pairs of shoes.

So what are you waiting for kababayan!! go to the nearest Nike store and get one or more.

This shoe is a beautiful sneaker with a clear sole, inside-out midsole, and unique materials used on the upper. It is about time Filipino Air Force Ones are released!


Berryblitz said...

I think bagay itong shoes sa mga sports. Kumbaga official shoes of the hmmm PBA and other Philippine sports.

csseyah said...

yeah! great endorsement :) hehehe

csseyah said...

yeah! great endorsement :) hehehe