Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'am Using Dreamweaver 8 for coding!!!

Macromedia Dreamweaver version 8 software is what I'm using as my web editor but I'm never used it in the designed mode ever. Because I want to make a designed through coding in order to enhanced more my knowledges for developing websites.

Many web developer as of now don't want to used Dreamweaver, or Dreamweaver 8 to be exactly, because they don't want to be called "WYSIWYG developer", What You See Is What You Get developer, I don't know why, but I guess they have own reason.

But base on the experience of those WYSIWYG developer, a WYSIWYG editor produces files of large sizes. The web page may take a bit longer to download. And the HTML code generated may not be compliant with existing web standards. Some of these editors are meant for web sites to be hosted with particular servers.

But to those beginners for making web designed,
its fun to create web pages this way. You can do it yourself, experimenting with colors and layouts. The web page is likely to be unique, unless you are trying to clone another web page.

And my only advice to those who want to try this software, Is to try themselves to designed in Code mode and minimal in designed mode for you to challenges yourself if you only want to.

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