Monday, January 21, 2008

IMIKIMI Online Photo Editor

While wasting time thinking of something unique to post here in my techie blogs, I saw one of the customer at the computer shop where I maintaining, doing something different in my view. By the way folks, I'm a visual person and i like most in the field of designing and arts thats why one of the customer catch my attention of what he doing. And ask him what he doing and he replied, " I'm Doing an Art Effects ", and I'm do thinking, what kind of effects is that?

Making a design online on the web its unique for me and as I always say " this is my blogs and my opinion ", make your own blogs hahaha!!!

Back to my topic guys, IMIKIMI.COM is one of the WEB 2.0 site that have a feature of Customizing your children faced with parents look and where you can add your own picture and customize it whichever way you want. Its free of charge folks and very popular to those addicted with social networking site like friendster, myspace, facebook, flikr etc. in order to have their unique style of picture.

And one more thing! please don't ask me what is the meaning of imikimi because i really don't know guys, my topic is to inform you about IMIKIMI site thats all folks, thanks thanks

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Andrew P. said...

Thanks, I'm impressed and I like This week-end I found another cool service where we can edit our pics: - funny pictures it has many photo collages. It is free and very easy to use...