Friday, January 4, 2008


Our country is one of the biggest importers of petroleum oil mainly used for vehicles like jeepney, bus and car called “Taxi”. Unfortunately, this oil is making a big deal for us especially for those who have own vehicles because of price increased. So that everybody’s affected because when the oil price increased all of the incorporated with that will increased also.

But my main concern is what the pinoy taxi driver discovered. Although, this is old technology to those country used it but for us here in the Philippines this is new.

LPG Tank is commonly know used for cooking but for those who want to save some money they discovered this as an alternative way for petroleum gasoline used for their vehicles.

Because the price of the LPG compare to gasoline oil is making a big saving of money. And many say’s that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is one of the widely used alternative fuels all over the world. And Its not only cheapest available fuel but also clean fuel meaning, low Sulphur, low Carbon-Monoxide, low Nitrogen Oxide, low un-burnt Hydro Carbon, no Hydrogen Sulphide, no Benzene & no Paraffin.

So that I’m proud being Filipino.


Berryblitz said...

I hope all public vehicles, especially taxi drivers, would use this technology. The taxi meter is ticking so fast! With this LPG as alternative to gas, I just hope they would adjust the taxi fare.

csseyah said...

yeah! you've got the point :) I hope so! and by the way thanks for the comment

Noelevz said...

But isn't there a side effect when inhaling the lpg gas. Some drivers even say that they esperience nausea when exposed for a long time.

csseyah said...

yeah! you right noelevz that's why in korea they eventually decrease the usage of that LPG as alternative fuel :p