Thursday, January 17, 2008


Refurbishing an old approach to PC recycling, For years, people have proposed updating and reusing old pcs, because of higher demand of personal computer today generation and also for the reason of higher cost of branded PC’s. Even those clone pcs or generic brand are also very expensive nowadays. So that many computer store here in the Philippines open their services as a “ REFURBISH STORE“, where you can find second hand pc purchase from other country with a very affordable price indeed.

As my opinion say is, its better to buy refurbish pc if you’re a newbie person in learning to used PC, Why? because you can save money as well as bought more of it. But many say that refurbish kind of pcs have a little time of life to used, but for me, its up to the user and I think even your not known well using pcs is not the fact that you can break it.

For all of us known, many Filipino people are level-headed and I can say is that they must have hands-on of learning so they can follow the flow of computer generation to generation.

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nick robles said...

You're right! it always depends to the consumer when to buy a new pc or the refurbished (recycled) one. In contrary, the cost of new pc specially generics are dramatically low as compared 10-15 years ago.

I still have a 486AT computer that i bought for Php35,000 12 years ago in greenhills. Now with your P35K you can take home a sophisticated and powerful laptop equipped with hi-speed dvd burner and wifi. Oh, my 486 PC is still working and running Windows 3.11. My nice toy! ;-) Nice post!