Tuesday, January 29, 2008

PAYpal Local Widraw

How nice to received an e-mail from paypal, specially when its talk about money. I have already paypal account but sad to say I’ve didn’t tried to used it because I don’t have credit card or cyber account like Union Bank offers, its called “ EON CARD”.

But now! Paypal launch their new services here in the Philippines that you can now received your money direct through your bank account. What a pleasant idea that paypal have guys, Now you can add your Philippine bank account to your PayPal account, Plus, there is no charge to withdrawal amounts over PHP 7000*.

Its funny you know, Paypal don’t charge your withdrawal if its over Php 7000.00, but sad for me because I don’t have big transaction yet maybe someday I will used it. And thanks anyway to paypal for informing me about this.

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