Thursday, April 3, 2008

gPhone Imminent

Google is known as the super search engine tools in the net today, but you never thought that aside from being a searching tools on the internet they would like also planning to produce a products like everybody have especially here in the Philippines.

Even young one already using a cellphone for texting communication and conversation as well. Some say that this is only a rumors, hearsay and gossip but Google want to reach the near pre-iPhone launch hysteric levels.

They will called it gPhone and to be across Europe and the U.S. simultaneously. And the
biggest hitch to Google's plans is US regulatory approval which many Google Phone
hopefulls say is imminent. This Photo gPhone handset prototype is real and you never know maybe next year you already using this kind of mobile handset with free internet surfing as well, how good it is dude.


Anonymous said...

Something new for me. It will certainly be handy.

Shrek from MyBlogLog


csseyah said...

yeah! this is imminent :)

Berryblitz said...

ang tindi talaga ng Google... they have everything. And I thought their latest is the Google Code.

I just hope Google won't end up like the Micro$oft monopoly.