Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Google Checkout

Throughout the globe, many Filipino people finding their way to get a fast and easy way of sending money through their love ones because for those who didn't yet know,

Philippines is one of all country who have many relatives, family and friends to other country.

And because we are now in the generation of WEB 2.0, many of us getting to know the
efficient and realiable of using online transaction. And like my previous post here about Paypal innovations here in the Philippines.

Google made also a service that everybody gonna enjoy specially to those online buyers.
Its called " Google Checkout", a secure, fast and convenient way to shop online.

And also to those merchants, this is also a new way to process sales and it works with
Google AdWords, that makes your shoppers easy to find and buy your item to sale. And this way you can attract more sales and for every $1 spending on AdWORDS you can process $10 sales for free.

So what are you thinking off? Try this now and see for your self what I'm trying to discuss here dude.

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