Saturday, February 2, 2008


By the way guys! Diosdado Banatao born May 23, 1946, at Iguig, Philippines), he is popularly known by his nickname Dado aka "The Filipino Computer Guru", is a well-known Filipino serial entrepreneur engineer working in high-tech industry. A three-time start-up veteran, he co-founded Mostron (PC Motherboards), Chips and Technologies (PC Chip Sets, eventually acquired by Intel) and S3 Graphics (Originally 2D graphics chips, renamed to Sonic Blue), first windows accelerator chip (while at S3 in 1990)

He is a managing partner of Tallwood Venture Capital. Prior to Tallwood he was a venture partner with the Mayfield Fund. He has served on the board of directors and as chairman of several emerging companies, including Marvel Technology Group, NewPort Communications (acquired by Broadcom), and Cyras Systems (acquired by

Ciena Corporation).

Well guys, Banatao’s Contribution to the Computer Industry are very tremendous effects for us as his “kababayan”, And not only for us Filipino but for the whole world who using computer, and I’m very proud to know that a person like banatao is my own “kababayan”

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