Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Month of February 14, 2005. AJAX was born and changed the web. And as the matter of fact AJAX helped WEB 2.0 or internet a happier place to be now. AJAX two year old today and when it first came on the scene, it was a neat toy. Don’t deny it, you tried it out to make something like a auto-completion search box or pulling in content from a server-side text file but good thing they were wrong. Other developers, ones fascinated by the potential Ajax had, took things even further.

Today marks the passing of two years since Jesse James Garrett posted online his seminal essay, "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications" and then went offline, on a trip. What he came back to is now a part of Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications history: it was as if simply giving a handy name to the technique behind a new, richer web somehow catapulted it into being.

Of course it wasn't that simple. The techniques Garrett encapsulated in his acronym had been in use by others before him, but never won for themselves a name. So when he came up with the easy-to-remember, easier-to-spell "AJAX" what happened was the same that happens when a match is dropped on the floor of a bone dry forest.

That "the AJAX wildfire" (a phrase coined by the founder of Nexaweb, Coach Wei) spread faster than Garrett, or indeed anyone else, had expected is now axiomatic. But it is still worth capturing the thoughts and views of the early pioneers, so many of whom have since gone on record as saying they "were doing AJAX since long before it was called AJAX."

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