Friday, July 31, 2009

Ballmer: Are you strong enough for more competition?

Recently News discuss with the Microsoft CEO about Microsoft competitor software company which developing a new and stable software for this coming years, namely, Linux, Apple and the looming threat from Google's Android and Chrome OS. But Ballmer the Microsoft CEO said ""Right now I just put it on the list for competitive completeness.". We're all know that Steve Ballmer is the new Microsoft CEO and the Microsoft's biggest economic engine, its Windows business.

And Ballmer added that "Any business that is as Windows deserves competition." Well I think he have the right to say that but for me He is so chesty as a peacock enough to be fall. The Windows System will get more competitor right now and it will held it into deep deep down and never to get out from the mess that Ballmer started.

However, he noted that the company still had work to do with the analysts, counting up the significant number of Macs in the crowd. "Don't hide it," he said. "I've already counted them. I've been doing it since we started talking...Feel free. As long as you are using Office go right on ahead." So Ballmer assumed that all computer savvy in the world still using his Golden Windows.

Earlier in his talk, Ballmer also walked through the economics of the search ad deal with Yahoo, highlighting its benefits to both companies, calling it a win-win.


csseyah said...

ballmer... who the hell are you?

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