Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to install a Blogger HTML template?

The following instruction will teach you on how to install your custom blogger template easily. is more likely with wordpress but different in the implementing of template itselft.

First thing you do is make sure you have backup template of your previous theme before installing a new one. Installing XML File template and Copy paste xml code is almost the same ok.

1. Login to your blogger account and click the Layout tab.

2. Now in the layout tab you will see this tab button eg: Page Elements, Fonts and Colors,
Edit HTML and Pick New Template. Select the "Edit HTML" button.

3. Now, you see the Options for Backup / Restore Template and Edit Template. Of course I'm
going to teach here now on how to install a new template theme for

4. Always be prepared in installing new theme template! you must have your template
replacement right now so you can copy all ( Ctrl + A ) the content of the XML File and paste
( Ctrl + V ) it now to the "Edit Template" options of the

5. It so easy to do that my friend, don't afraid to overwrite the existing xml code because you
already backup it. So if ever the installation failed you can upload your backup XML File
template immediately or Click the "Revert widget templates to default".

6. And finally if you see the Installed Successfully at the top, you made it accurate and do
start your blogging.

That's all folks I hope you understand what my instructions done here. Happy blogging dude...


DesignerBlooms said...

very informative! thanks for the tip

Euroangel said...

thanks for sharing...might try this next time...nice tip!!

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Crazyhorse said...

Thanks for sharing!