Friday, December 21, 2007

NOKIA 3110 Classic or Evolve

My latest cellphone is Nokia 3110 classic, actually I'm very proud to this cellphone features, because it has a Stereo sound which makes me comfortable while listening. And eventually my phone have a long time battery energy that make my music hours satisfies me.

I always check online the latest nokia model released and lately I found out this Nokia 3110 evolve model and made me curious, because of what are the different between my Nokia 3110 classic and this one Nokia 3110 evolve?

I checked the specification of each model and almost the same, nothing is change except to the look.

And all I can say to myself is, "Thank God only the looks change! yes!", because until now I'm not yet done paying this cellphone on my friend credit card.

1 comment:

Chabelitz said...

i reli miss my gud old 3310 ;-)