Saturday, December 22, 2007


Everybody have a friend and always there even your down and happy. A person you know well and regard with affection and trust. Someone who will fights for a cause, someone who protect you from any harm, and someone who will carry your heartache, and that’s the true friend.

Nowadays, our generation evolved and enhanced the quality of making friends. The cyber space help each individual to create a virtual friends or let’s say a friend from far far away, who you didn’t expect to meet or talk, thanks for the web.

Internet is the medium used to communicate each person from different country and with so many tools used to provide services in communicating. One of the tools is FRIENDSTER.

Friendster is the most commonly known social networking here in the Philippines. And I myself a living testimony who encounters and tried the amazing kind of tools in the web.

I have so many friends in my Friendster List, and even I know them through pictures only, I could hardly say that I know them all, but sometimes not, I’m just pretending that’s all joke! But seriously speaking, Friendster help me to express my personality to others and makes my profile attractive to them. Yeah I admit, your not agree with me but this is my own view okay..

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