Monday, January 26, 2009

What's hot on the web? IMVU?

well well well!!! look what's hot on the web right now, IMVU a 3D avatars with a virtual world innovation on the web. IMVU is an online destination where adults and teens meet new people in 3D.

For those chat addict and virtual lovers, Imvu is the right web just for you. But of course, technically speaking don't forget to check you internet connection and shockwave plugin before login okey.

Members of IMVU have fun meeting new people with similar interests and expressing themselves through personalizing their 3D avatars, digital rooms, music and home pages. IMVU offers the world's largest digital goods catalog with over 2 million items. Over 90 percent of IMVU's revenue is from the direct sale of virtual credits, used to purchase digital products such as clothing, room decorations, hairstyles, and music.

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