Wednesday, December 10, 2008 is a newest proudly pinoy social networking site that made in cebu while the web hosting is in the USA. Kasikas mean in tagalog is "kunting ingay" while in english is " a little bit of noise". The kasikas founder need your opinion on how to improve more his site and he need you to try this site features. was developed from Dolphin Smart Community Builder which is the most popular dating software in the internet and its absolutely free because this is open source.

Dolphin, as well as other BoonEx products, is supported by the Unity - the Community of Communities system. At Unity you may get a high quality services and plugins to expand you site functionality. Unity is a moderated system so each product is tested by Unity moderators, pundits and administrators. In aspiring to achieve perfection BoonEx Unity system has a special Web Blog where General director Andrey Sivtsov discusses themes concerning the future versions of all BoonEx products with everyone interested. All interested persons are welcome to bring their contribution to Dolphin development.

So if you still not convince, just click this link and become one of the thousand member of that proudly pinoy website. Mabuhay ang mga Filipino.

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Anonymous said...

I'm proud to know that the founder of kasikas are pinoy... keep it up