Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google Phone

And yes indeed, google phone has finally revealed to the public and this phone is look alike
iPhone of apple. inc. Google Inc. ambition is to make the Internet easy to use on the go.

T-Mobile USA showed off the G1, a phone that, like Apple Inc.'s iPhone, has a large touch screen. But it also packs a trackball, a slide-out keyboard and easy access to Google's e-mail
and mapping programs.

T-Mobile said it will begin selling the G1 for $179 with a two-year contract. The device hits
U.S. stores October 22 and heads to Britain in November and other European countries early next year.

The phone will be sold in T-Mobile stores only in the U.S. cities where the company has rolled
out its faster, third-generation wireless data network. By launch, that will be 21 cities,
including New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami.

Google company investing and targeting the mobile industries because many country as of now the primary gadget that they used is mobile phone. Especially here in the Philippines that almost
Filipino people have own cellphone even the younger one. So google think that they can used the
mobile phone for more advertising medium to be used and targeting the individual.

And Both Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. also are investing heavily in the mobile market in hopes of preventing Google from extending the dominance it enjoys in searches initiated on PCs.

In an interview, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said Google's aims are broader than mobile advertising.

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