Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorenson Media

Sorenson Media is my partner when it comes to video editing, cutting, converting and multi-file encoding to speed up simultaneous and make your video high quality compression.

This software can convert your video codecs to improved better video channel and also better audio with AC-3 surround sound for 5.1 and 7.1 channel encoding.

Sorenson Media ( ), the global leader for encoding and compression applications, provides hardware and software solutions that enable
users to easily and affordably compress, manage and deliver quality video over the Internet and to CDs, DVDs, mobile devices and other formats. The company also produces quality tools for publishing and managing user-generated content.

From the time it was launched in 1995, Sorenson Media has been at the forefront of seminal trends, products and technology that have dramatically improved the Internet experience for developers and users alike. The Sorenson name has become synonymous with quality, innovation, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness in video compression and encoding. Beginning in early 2007, Sorenson Media entered the realm of user-generated content with the release of easy-to-use Web applications and editing and management tools for the development of customizable video sharing sites.

Try this software dude, this is simply the best for your video encoding projects and to your personnal used too.

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